Tiina Pirppu has been appointed as the development director

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Tiina Pirppu has been appointed as the development director of Econet Ltd.. 38-year-old Pirppu is responsible for the development projects, supporting activities, and strategical purchase services of Oy Slamex Ab and Dewaco Ltd., which are part of the Econet Group. The new work began on 9.1.2017.

- I am glad about this new challenge. This is a big step and I am going to give it my all, says the new development director Tiina Pirppu.

Pirppu began the work at the Econet Group in 2004 as a sales and marketing assistant of Dewaco. After which she has been promoted step by step to logistics manager, and now development director.


Further information for the media:

Tiina Pirppu, Econet Ltd. +358 40 843 5111, tiina.pirppu(at)econetgroup.fi

Econet Group is a water and environment technology service company. The Group includes Econet Ltd, Dewaco Ltd and Oy Slamex Ab. Helsinki-based Econet designs and offers solutions for clean water and environment globally. Laitila-based Dewaco, in turn, is specialised in sludge thickening, dewatering and sludge removal. Lahti-based Slamex designs and manufactures equipment for treatment of water and wastewater. The Group’s turnover amounts to about EUR 22 million.

Contact information

Malminkaari 5
FI-00700 Helsinki, Finland 
Phone: + 358 9 8366 250
E-mail: info(a)econetgroup.fi
Business ID: 2438595-3


Raviraitti 3
FI-23800 Laitila, Finland
Phone: +358 2 461 800
E-mail: info(a)dewaco.fi
Business ID: 2221862-5


Asentajankatu 4
FI-15520 Lahti, Finland
Phone: +358 9 343 6200
E-mail: slamex(a)slamex.fi
Business ID: 0114021-6

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