Wiser Scrubbing

The system and devices of Wiser-scrubbing have been developed thanks to research and development over a period of more than 25 years across several different industrial sectors. The major technical solutions and components are internationally patented and the Wiser-scrubbing system contains the following devices: cyclone, interface scrubber, scrubber, fan and drop separator. Furthermore, the scrubbing water is treated with Wiser-flotation, and following this the water can be circulated in the scrubbing process and no additional clean water is constantly required in the process.

The Wiser know-how of water treatment forms a foundation for the use of excessive water in Wiser scrubbing – therefore it ensures high efficiency of the Wiser scrubbing process. Water used in scrubbing is treated with Wiser dissolved air flotation and circulated so that additional clean water is unnecessary.       

Flue gas scrubbing versus dry filtering

Dry filtering requires surveillance of temperature which is unnecessary in scrubbing. With dry filtering, heat can not be recovered from the hot flue gas. In particular, separation efficiency of gaseous components (SO2, HCL, HF, NH3) is clearly lower in dry filtering comparing to scrubbing.  

With regard to dry filtering, separation takes place with the use of absorbing chemicals. To ensure a high yield of separation, an amount of chemical 3 – 6 stoichiometric times is required and therefore chemical consumption is very high. It should be noted that especially in the case of major boiler plants dry filtering is an uneconomic solution and even the transportation of the chemical represents an additional cost, among other things. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that the service life of filter bags is about 3 – 4 years and replacing them involves significant additional costs.    

Key Features

  • Easy to combine with Wiser flotation
  • When combined with Wiser flotation, the scrubbing water can be recycled
  • No temperature surveillance
  • Great chemical separation


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