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Extension of the wastewater treatment plant in Forssa was finished in the summer

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Econet Ltd and Timo Pekka Ltd combined their powers for the contract, and now the wastewater treatment plant can respond to the needed water quality requirements. However, it has not always been so during the past years, since the industrial activities of the region have burdened the plant too much. Originally the plant was not designed to treat such volumes of industrial wastewater. Therefore, the plant was renovated and extended.

Picture 1. Renovation in the tank.

Econet was responsible of the project as a whole, which included, for example, design, equipment supply, and installation. In addition, new aeration tank, control room, and flotation buildings had to be built. The project was challenging, because the soil was soft, and it had to be piled well before building the new aeration tank. Moreover, the wastewater plant had to be in action for the whole project.

Picture 2. The wastewater treatment plant was in action during the whole project, and nowadays, the plant responds better to the new needs of the region.

More information of the project can be found from Econet’s own references.

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