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New electric motors could heat three Finnish houses for one year

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Dewaco Ltd, which is part of Econet Group, made a decision to start using energy efficient IE3-standard electric motors in their every equipment as a standard, starting from the beginning of the year. According to the estimations, the new IE3-standard electric motors can save electricity up to 70 000 kilowatt-hours per year in Dewaco’s systems, when compared to IE1-standard motors.

The saved electricity equals the electricity consumption of three Finnish houses with electric heat in a year.

Energy efficient electric motor is even 18 percent more efficient in wastewater treatment than the earlier IE1-standard motor.

Electric motors consume much electricity in wastewater treatment. For instance, chain scrapers are used in clarification of wastewater, and they work with electric motors. The chain scrapers remove the sludge from the bottom and the surface of the clarification tanks around the clock and year.

The electric motors are delivered to Dewaco by its long term cooperation partner Nord Gear Ltd. Nord Gear Ltd brought the lower standard IE3-electric motors to the markets.

- We at Dewaco want to do our part to minimize the carbon footprint. Electric motors are important and a part, which consumes a lot of electricity in water treatment. However, it is also a part in which we can affect with our own actions, says Dewaco’s plant manager Jari Virtanen.

Further information for the media:

Jari Virtanen, Dewaco Ltd, tel. +358 (0)50 348 1338, jari.virtanen(at)dewaco.fi

Jarno Peltonen, Nord Gear Ltd, tel. .+358 325 41800, jarno.peltonen(at)nord.com

Econet Group is a water and environment technology service company. The Group includes Econet Ltd, Dewaco Ltd, and Oy Slamex Ab. Helsinki-based Econet designs and offers solutions for clean water and environment globally. Laitila-based Dewaco, in turn, is specialised in sludge thickening, dewatering and sludge removal. Lahti-based Slamex designs and manufactures equipment for treatment of water and wastewater. The Group’s turnover amounts to about EUR 22 million.

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