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Cleantech-company was chosen to participate in an investment worth of tens of millions

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Oy Slamex Ab, which is part of Econet group, will deliver more chemical reactors in March to Fermion Oy’s new pharmaceutical production facility, which is being built in Hanko. Chemical reactor is a vessel in which substances react with each other, and change form to other substances.

Fermion Oy belongs to Orion Corporation, and Slamex has delivered equipment, for example, vessels, powder containers, and mixing equipment, to Orion earlier, too. Orion has been significant and long-term customer for Slamex.

Fermion Oy is getting prepared to tightening regulatory requirements with the new plant. The value of the investment is over 30 million Euros, and the plant will be finished in 2018.

The quality requirements of pharmaceutical field are tight, and they have to be considered in the designing phase of the equipment already. Knowing the special requirements of pharmaceutical industry was one of the reasons that lead to the order.

- The shapes of the equipment are designed to be round; so that when they are washed, there are no poorly washed points left. In addition, the surfaces are polished to be almost mirror-like, tells the Slamex’s production manager Jouni Vuoriaho.

The material has to endure the stress of pharmaceuticals. Hastelloy steel alloy is also used as a material, which is resistant to corrosion in acid and basic conditions. The welder and the company have to have qualifications to weld hastelloy steel alloy.

- It is harder to work hastelloy steel alloy than other corrosion resistant materials. Hastelloy sort of thickens when one welds it, because the concentration of nickel is high in hastelloy, says Vuoriaho.

Further information for the media:

Jouni Vuoriaho, Oy Slamex Ab, tel. +358 50 300 1672, jouni.vuoriaho(a)slamex.fi

Janne Hiironen, Oy Slamex Ab, tel. +358 40 060 9299, janne.hiironen(a)slamex.fi

Econet Group is a water and environment technology service company. The Group includes Econet Ltd, Dewaco Ltd and Oy Slamex Ab. Helsinki-based Econet designs and offers solutions for clean water and environment globally. Laitila-based Dewaco, in turn, is specialised in sludge thickening, dewatering and sludge removal. Lahti-based Slamex designs and manufactures equipment for treatment of water and wastewater. The Group’s turnover amounts to about EUR 22 million.

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