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IoT - text message about a water leakage

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In Finland, a water leak is usually noticed, when the leak has already caused a large problem for the inhabitants or the environment. For instance, in a block of flats a pipe can leak for even days before anyone notices it.

After detecting the leak, reacting to it can take time, too, because the leakage has to be found from the network. Locating the leakage is slow and challenging, because exact information or technology to find it, is not available for reasonable price.

In Finland, approximately 20 percent of clean water is going to waste. In large cities abroad, the same number can be at its worst even 70 percent. The large numbers are caused by the bad condition of the network, and water leakages that are not reacted to on time.

Things could be different.

Econet is developing a new remotely readable water meter, with which the leakage can be located remotely and real-time. The water meter measures the pressure and the flow of water. With the gotten measurement results the leakage can be located by calculations.

By monitoring the pressure and flow, the problematic spots can possibly be detected even before the pipe is broken or at least real-time. The monitoring can be automated to send a message for instance, to your own cell phone.

Econet made at the turn of the year, a contract deal with DNA. With DNA’s subscriptions and network the water meter can be read remotely. The subscription is installed straight to ESCU or the new water meter, which sends the information to a cloud service in DNA’s network.

Check the video about IoT’s other possibilities to save water from 12 minute onward.


Antti Herlevi.

The writer is the development director of Econet.


Edited 18.1.2019

Further information for the media:

Antti Herlevi, Development Director, Econet Ltd, tel. +358 (0)40 565 9635, antti.herlevi(a)econetgroup.fi

Econet Group is a water and environment technology service company. The Group includes Econet Ltd, Dewaco Ltd and Oy Slamex Ab. Helsinki-based Econet designs and offers solutions for clean water and environment globally. Laitila-based Dewaco, in turn, is specialised in sludge thickening, dewatering and sludge removal. Lahti-based Slamex designs and manufactures equipment for treatment of water and wastewater. The Group’s turnover amounts to about EUR 22 million.

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