Slamex Spiral Scraper

Slamex Circular and Suction clarifiers have patented wading wheel system, which  has been developed for effective sludge removal, even in arctic conditions.  Thanks to the wading wheel system, the clarifier is suitable for even arctic conditions, since the wheel track does not need heating and does not freeze. The sludge removal system is designed so that it is easy to build and equip according to clients' requirements.

Slamex scrapers with spiral blade PS-S are designed for the municipal and industrial usage. They are used in primary sedimentation tanks of sewage treatment plants, or in secondary sedimentation tanks, in which the formation of load is smaller.


Slamex PS-S Circular clarifier is pheripheric driven, very reliable and easy to maintain. The scraping machinery can be used for municipal and industrial waste water treatment. The patented system for keeping the wheel track unfrozen is applicable to arctic climate and construction and operation costs are lower. The shape of the scraper is logarithmic spiral or multi-blade, and the bridge and the scraper can be extended to the diameter of the basin, if required. The scraper mechanism can be equipped with a surface sludge removal system (as an option). In large basins and with high flows basin can be equipped with extra radial overflow weirs. Flocculation area can be equipped with flocculation mixers.

The bridge moves clockwise when the scrapers are scraping sludge to the sludge collector which is located in the centre of the basin. A surface sludge removal system removes sludge once at the circling period. The driving unit is equipped with an overload switch and a rotation controller which stops the motor in case of disturbance. Clarified water runs of the basin through the adjustable overflow weirs (also through extra radial overflow weirs when needed).

Key Features

• A reliable patented system for keeping the wheel track unfrozen
• The basin is low-cost concrete construction
• Reliable and easy to maintain
• Can be equipped with a surface sludge skimmer, if needed
• Material: stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316 or AISI 316L


Contact information

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