Slamex Circular Sludge Thickener

Sludge thickener SLAMEX ST is designed for effective gravity thickening of municipal and industrial sludge.

Incoming water is led to the damping cylinder of the thickener in order to distribute the water proportionally to the thickening basin and prevent a direct flow.

The clarified water flows out of the basin through overflow weirs and futher to the overflow trough, whereas the heavier suspended solids settle to the bottom of the basin. Inclination of the basin bottom helps to move the settled matter to the centre of the basin.

The blades located at the bottom of the scraper mechanism move the thickened sludge to the sludge collector in the centre of the basin, when the scraper mechanism is rotating slowly. The settled sludge is removed from the sludge collector through the suction connection pipe by pumping.

Vertical angle bars of the rotating scraper mechanism make furrows to the sludge and thus contribute to water separation.
The clarified water is removed from the overflow trough through the overflow connection pipe.

Drive unit of the scraper mechanism is normally a gear motor, however, in some cases hydraulic drive unit is used.

The sludge thickener can also be equipped with a surface sludge removal device as an option.

Submerged steel structures are made of stainless steel or acid-proof steel.

Key Features

• High torque
• Efficient compaction of sludge
• Excellent sludge handling capacity
• Simple and reliable structure
• Quick installation, easy commissioning and maintenance
• Overflow switch included as standard accessory
• Submerged steel structures: stainless steel or acid-proof steel.
• Several options for location of sludge inlet pipe
• Basin depth optional
• Basin diameter optional, max. 30 m.


Contact information

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FI-00700 Helsinki, Finland 
Phone: +358 9 8366 250
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FI-23800 Laitila, Finland
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