Wiser flotation technology

The Wiser flotation is based on three patents: the production of dispersion water without compressors and pressure tanks, a non-clogging and self-cleaning dispersion water nozzle and the use of mixing tubes replacing a shaft wall. In comparison to conventional flotation technology the Wiser flotation will provide you with the following advantages:

• Wiser dispersion water pumps consume less energy than compressors
• regular inspection of pressure vessel is not necessary
• production of micro-bubbles of different size is simplified under different pressure levels
• the process will not be disrupted during maintenance
• adjustment of dispersion water amount is made user friendly in accordance to the process
• Wiser non-clogging and self-cleaning dispersion water nozzles will produce substantially smaller micro-bubbles compared to those produced by conventional needle-type nozzles
• Wiser dispersion water nozzles are serviced only once a year or once every two years
• no sophisticated or expensive spare-parts are required
• Wiser dispersion water nozzles are available for a wide range of capacity
• considerably less Wiser dispersion water nozzles are required for the same water amount
• mixing tubes will ensure better contact between micro-bubbles and flocs
• mixing tubes will ensure micro-bubbles and flocs arrive more quickly to the surface

Wiser hybrid-flotation will help to improve the treatment capacity without additional basins and chemical sludge

It is possible to install a Wiser-flotation system into existing sedimentation basins – the forming of so called “hybrid-flotation” . This enables fleeing suspended solids (flocs) to caught and removed, in turn avoiding extra chemical sludge and the construction of new clarification basins or tertiary treatment units.

Key Features

• Separate thickener and press, which can be supplied separately
• Floor level positioning and user-friendly configuration
• Totally enclosed structures
• Large and powerful pressing zone
• Separate tensioning for all the belts
• Easy accessibility for components and media
• Easy maintenance and good spare part availability
• High quality corrosion resistant materials and components
• Low energy consumption
• Optimal equipment selection according to the customer’s needs
• Applicable for all sludge types
• Available with several accessories
• Low costs in logistics

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