Slamex Sluice Gate

Oy Slamex Ab is a manufacturer of penstocks and sluice gates with decades of experience. Our product range covers a large selection of different sizes and types of gates for different purposes.

Depending on the Client’s requirements the penstocks can be with manual use or equipped with electrical drive unit, or they can be sluice gates for hydrotechnical construction.
As material we use high-quality stainless steel only, class AISI 304 or acid-proof steel AISI 316/AISI 316L. Depending on the penstock size we choose for each case the most optimal sealing solution to meet the requirements for tightness. As sealing material we normally use high-class NBR nitrile-rubber which persists oil-bearing waste waters. Furthermore, the structural solution of the seal ensures its maximal operating life.

Logistic issues are also taken into account by manufacturing, e.g. large penstocks and sluice gates can be manufactured by using sectional frame solution, which enables the delivery in containers.

The penstocks can be mounted in a channel by surface mounting with bolt fastening or by grouting. Our site supervisors ensure the s correct installation and blemishles operation.

Our high-skilled personnel and constant quality control ensure a high-quality end result, reliability of operation and full compliance with the Client’s requirements.

Key Features

• Reliable assembly
• Advanced sealing solution
• High-quality materials
• Minor need for maintenance
• Tailor-made solutions according to the Client’s needs


Contact information

Malminkaari 5B
FI-00700 Helsinki, Finland 
Phone: +358 9 8366 250
Business ID: 2438595-3


Raviraitti 3
FI-23800 Laitila, Finland
Phone: +358 2 461 800
Business ID: 2221862-5

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