Client: Turku Region Water Ltd
Location: Turku, Finland
Period: 2017-2019



Turku Region Water Ltd. is a wholesale water company providing drinking water for the seven Turku region towns. The company has been responsible for planning and developing of water distribution in the Turku region for over 40 years.

Turku Region Water has chosen the managed aquifer recharge method to secure the water production in the region. Nowadays the company is the second largest water producer in Finland and delivers annually over 23 million cubic meters of water to ca. 300 000 customers.



Challenge of Turku Region Water was to improve the reliability of the water supply. The goal was to improve the reliability by renovating the Saramäki underground reservoir, which is built into solid bedrock. Safe storage of water is crucial, so that the consumption of drinking water can be evened during the peaks of water consumption. By storing drinking water, the inhabitants do not run out of water even during the high consumption hours. In addition, Turku Region Water wanted to improve the quality of the drinking water even more with new disinfection system.



Econet Group responded to the challenge and renovated the Saramäki underground reservoir for Turku Region Water. The contract was challenging, because the requirements of the Turku Reqion Water were demanding. The contract work was implemented inside the Saramäki underground reservoir and it made the working conditions tough. For instance, efficient gas control and removal had to be taken care of during the whole project, so that there would be no odor nuisances in the drinking water.

- From the water quality point of view the renovation was valuable for us and in order to do that, we needed a trustworthy partner. We are satisfied with the project Econet implemented and our expectations were well met and schedules were honored, says the managing director of Turku Region Water Ltd Aki Artimo.

Turku Region Water saves also electricity with the renovated underground reservoir and pipeline. With the new disinfectant system and pipeline the drinking water can be lead straight to the customers. Therefore, Turku Region Water saves in the expenses of pumping of water.

The value of the project was approximately 1,4 million Euros. High quality and client’s needs satisfying results were ensured through close collaboration between Turku Region Water and Econet during the project.




Contact information

Malminkaari 5B
FI-00700 Helsinki, Finland 
Phone: +358 9 8366 250
Business ID: 2438595-3


Raviraitti 3
FI-23800 Laitila, Finland
Phone: +358 2 461 800
Business ID: 2221862-5

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