Photo: Vesikolmio Oy
Client: Vesikolmio Oy
Location: Kalajoki, Finland
Period: 2016-2018
Vesikolmio Oy was found in 1968, and it is owned by the Kalajokilaakso municipalities. The company is responsible for the water supply, treating the wastewater, and transporting the water in between the municipalities. Vesikolmio treats the wastewater of approximately 30 000 inhabitants.
New central wastewater treatment plant was built to Kalajokilaakso, since the wastewater treatment plants of the area were at the end of their operational life. It is easier to respond to the tightened legislation and treatment results with one modern and large central wastewater treatment plant, rather than with many smaller plants. 
The treated wastewater of the new central wastewater plant is discharged to the Gulf of Bothnia. In order to maintain the good condition of the Gulf of Bothnia and prevent eutrophication, Vesikolmio needed a reliable partner to implement the subcontract for flotation supply.
Econet responded to the challenge, and designed and implemented the flotation for the central wastewater treatment plant. The scope of subcontract included detailed design, supply, and installation of the three flotation lines.
-We were happy with the flotation implemented by Econet. The contract was finished according to the schedule, and everything went as planned, says the CEO of Vesikolmio Oy Risto Bergbacka.
Flotation efficiently removes solid particles, and phosphorus, which increases eutrophication. Reliably and efficiently working flotation helps Vesikolmio to respond to tightened legislation, and to reach excellent water treatment results. High quality and client’s needs satisfying results were ensured through close collaboration between Vesikolmio and Econet during the project.


Contact information

Malminkaari 5B
FI-00700 Helsinki, Finland 
Phone: +358 9 8366 250
Business ID: 2438595-3


Raviraitti 3
FI-23800 Laitila, Finland
Phone: +358 2 461 800
Business ID: 2221862-5

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