Client: Onninen Oy / SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg
Location: St. Petersburg
Period: 2011- 2016

Slamex acted as Onninen’s supplier partner in a project, where the main sewer of Saint Petersburg was extended. The total value of the main contractor’s Onninen Oy’s supply contract was approximately 16.5 million euros. The subcontract of Slamex included process equipment with a value of 5 million euros as follows:

• Multi Rake Screens H=58 m, 2 pcs, flow capacity each 5 000 l/s
• Conveyors, 6 pcs
• Grinders, 2 pcs
• Manholes 3-4 bar, mixer, other equipment
• Special explosion proof door, 3 bar
• Penstocks, 5 bar, 3 pcs
Flow 432 000 m3/d
12 km of tunnel 2*3 m in 88 m depth below ground
90 m deep shaft, dia 22 m
11 stories high plus above ground pavilion
Multi rake screens, max water level 44 m, height 58 m

Check out our video about the project.


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