Photos: Valio

Client: Valio Ltd
Location: Riihimäki, Finland
Period: 2017-2017


Valio Ltd is a Finnish manufacturer of dairy products and one of the largest companies in Finland. The dairy plant at Riihimäki started in 1967, and it was one of the first industrial yogurt manufacturers in Finland. Among other products, Valio milks and yogurts are produced at Riihimäki.


The dairy plant at Riihimäki receives over 200 millions of liters of raw milk in a year. In addition to present silos, Riihimäki plant needed one exceptionally large silo, 135 cubic meters in volume, for milk, from which yogurt is made.

Moreover, second challenge was to respond to potential export customer’s demanding quality and hygiene requirements.

Food industry has high hygiene requirements for machinery and machinery surfaces, so that the food safety and healthiness can be guaranteed for consumers.

With food hygiene, one can guarantee the shelf life of the product lasts until the date marking. This also sets high quality requirements on the machinery and machinery surfaces that come into direct or indirect contact with food. For instance, the machinery surfaces have to be easily cleanable.


Lahti-based Slamex, which is part of Econet Group, responded to the challenge with expertise and experience. Slamex designed and manufactured the 135 cubic meters volume silo for Valio Riihimäki.

Demanding quality and hygiene requirements were taken into account from the beginning of the design process, in order to ensure food safety. The surfaces of the silo were designed round, so that they could be cleaned easily. The interior surfaces of the silo were made of stainless steel, which were sanded, and polished to mirror-like finish. In addition, the silo was insulated for temperature control.

Reliable and safe production process increases the customer's competitiveness. Machinery, which respond to hygiene and health requirements are crucial part of this. High quality and client’s needs satisfying results were ensured through close collaboration between the Valio and Slamex during the project.

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